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About Garhwa

Garhwa is a municipality and a city which lies in the District Garhwa of Jharkhand. It is also the district headquarters. The city is located 208 kms away from Ranchi (capital of Jharkhand) and is enclosed by Bishrampur block, Meral block, Manjhiaon block and Dandai blocks. The other cities located in the neighborhood of Garhwa are- Daltonganj(31 kms), Kota(85 kms) and Hussainabad(64 kms). Garhwa district comprised of 154 villages as well as 26 panchayats. The city lies on the border of Palamu and Garwha District.

About Garhwa
Circuit House in Garhwa

History of Garhwa

In the year 1991, on 1st April, the Garhwa subdivision (which encompassed 8 blocks) was detached from the Palamu. Since then Garhwa became an independent district.

Geography of Garhwa

Geography of GarhwaGarhwa is located amid at 24.18°N 83.82°E. Garhwa district is surrounded by Palamau (Jharkhand State) in East, District Sonebhadra (U. P.) in West, River Sone in North and District Surguja (Chattisgarh State) in South. The average elevation of the city is 646 feet or 197 meters. The Garhwa District comprises 14 blocks and 2 sub-divisions namely- Nagar Untari and Garhwa.

The place has an overall arid climate. The summer season starts from March and continues till the end of May. The minimum and maximum temperatures during summer time are 24 degree Celsius and 47 degree Celsius respectively. Winter time is from November to March and the temperature during this period remains between 16 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius. Monsoon season starts in the month of June and carries on till September. Humidity is normal in general, however in the monsoon season it can be quite high.

Demographics of Garhwa

According to the census of year 2001, the population of the city of Garhwa was 36708. The percentage of female and male populace is 46 percent and 54 percent respectively. The avg. literacy rate of Garhwa city is 61 percent which is higher than the national avg. i.e. 59.5 percent with female and male literacy being 51 percent and 69 percent respectively. The population of the kids below six years age is 17 percent. Hindi and Santali are the predominant languages that are spoken in Garhwa.

Transport in Garhwa

Regular bus services can be availed from Ranchi and the other important districts of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Bihar. Unlike the other districts of Jharkhand, the road conditions are not very well in Garhwa. However, after the formation of Jharkhand State, the road conditions of Garhwa have improved in contrast to Bihar. The NH 75 links Garhwa with Ranchi in Jharkhand and Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. The National Highway is about 55 kms long, State highway is 210 kms and the district roads occupy almost 96.95 kms. Corridors and link road are in total 190 kilometers. There is an extraordinary road connecting Garhwa and the Nagar Untari, whereas the road which connects Nagar Untari with Bhavnathpur is most terrible. The roads which take to the mines are in horrible conditions and it takes a lot of hours to travel just 8 kms of distance.

Profile of Garhwa
Garhwa Road Junction

The nearest rail head to the Garhwa city is the Garhwa Railway Station which links the city with all the important destinations. The station code is GHQ. The major rail head to this station is Gaya Junction. The nearby railway stations are Meralgram and Garwa Road. Gaya Airport and Varanasi Airport are the nearest airports to Garhwa city. From these airports one can take a taxi or bus to reach Garwha. The total number of express trains which stop at this railway station is, 12. Another nearby rail head to Garwah, is the Garwa Road Railway Station (which is 10 kms away from the Garhwa city). The station code is GHD. This station is situated in the Palamau district in Jharkhand. The major airport and railway station are Gaya Airport and Gaya Junction respectively. There are 28 express trains in total that stop at this railway station. Both the above railway stations belong to the East Cenral Rlwy, Junction Dhanbad.

Tourism in Garhwa

Garhwa offers a couple of remarkable attractions in and around the city. These tourist spots can be reached by hiring a private car, taxi or local bus services. Some of the most sought-after destinations located in and around Garhwa are mentioned below.

Garhwa Tourism
Waterfalls in Garhwa

Sukhaldari Waterfalls: This beautiful waterfall is situated in Dhurki on the banks of River Kanahar. The place is well-known for Gursandhu and Parasdiha waterfalls. From Garhwa this spot is located just 50 kms away.

Radha Krishna Temple: This pious temple is situated in Nagar Untari in the District Garhwa of Jharkhand State. This shrine is popular for its golden idols. The main idol of this temple is made of thirty two mand of gold.

Raja Pahari : This tourist spot is renowned for Shiva Temple which is enclosed by picturesque backdrop.

Kanjia : The serene village of Kanjia is merely 70 kms away from Garhwa. This place gives shelter to a Catholic Ashram which dates back to the year 1937.

Gunja Jhanjh Waterfalls: This lovely waterfall lies in Hisatu in the district of Garhwa. The height of this waterfall is 100 feet and it is the initiating point of the River Haraiya.

Saruat Pahar : This mountain is the uppermost peak of Garhwa district. The place is mainly populated by the Korba tribe.

Travel Agents in Garhwa

Travel agents have always played an important role when it comes to the promotion of tourism in any city. There are bounteous travel agencies in Garhwa whom one can contact for smooth and hassle-free journeys. To travel to the tourist spots or cities located in the neighborhood of Garhwa one can contact the following travel agents in Garhwa who can ensure a safe journey:

Madani Transport
Adress: Main Rd, At - Sonpurva, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9334794893

Vivek Travels
Address: Main Rd, Bali Sah Lane, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-6561-223024

R P Tour and Travels
Address: Ghada Patti, Main Bazaar, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9162379718

Rehan Services (Car hire services in Garhwa)

Address: Nr Unchari Masjid, 206, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone numbers: 9204262328 and +(91)-8877161716

Hotels at Garhwa

Hotels in Garhwa
Hotels in Garhwa

In Garhwa tourists can find a handful of accommodation options. There are mid-range as well as budget hotels in the city. All the hotels are outfitted with the latest amenities in order to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay for the tourists. Garwah hotels are famous for their outstanding hospitality, airy and spacious rooms, amiable staff and marvelous room services. Following are some well-known hotels located in the city of Garhwa.

Hotel Gulab
Address: Main Rd, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone numbers: +(91)-7739253116 and 9234885658

Hotel Nupur Palace
Address: Main Rd, At - Garhwa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9386989309

Hotel Adarsh
Address: Main Rd, At - Garhwa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9304738131

Hotel Raj
Address: Majhiaon Mor, At - Garhwa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9199966505

Food in Garhwa

People of Garhwa love simple food. Their staple food includes- Daal, Rice, and Roti along with some “Pickles” or Achar. Some of the famous preparations that are relished in Garhwa are- Pittha, Pua, Tilkut, Litti-Chokha and Thekua. “Litti-Chokha” is the most preferred food item which is relished by the locals as a snack as well as in lunch or dinner as a filling preparation. People also love to consume alcoholic drinks on occasions. Garhwa has bounteous options when it comes to gastronomy. A plethora of eateries in Garhwa make one spellbound with their finger-licking and heavenly cuisines. Below is a list of some renowned eateries in Garhwa where one can enjoy the local cuisines of the city:

Shankar Litti Dukan
Address: At - Garhwac, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-7352942378

Chatpati Chitti Dukan
Address: Main Rd, Garhwa City, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9570170459

Shravan Juice Center
Address: Ranka Mor, Garhwa City, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9570094562

Gupta Juice Corner
Address: Majhiaon Rd, At - Garhwa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9575998417

Ok Family Restaurant
Address: Kachari Rd, Garhwa City, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9507633128

Ram Ji Bhojnalaya
Address: Sahijana Mor, Garhwa Mkt, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9608394340

Shravan Litti Chokha Dukan
Address: Kachari Rd, Aspatal Chowk, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9835559010

Sardar Ji Ki Litti Dukan
Address: Main Rd, At - Garhwa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9431338689

Vinay Litti Dukan
Address: Main Rd, Tandawa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114

New Baba Ka Dhaba Hotel
Address: Kachari Rd, Aspatal Chowk, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-7352794096

Thus, we see that on the whole Garhwa is an excellent tourist spot that can be a rejuvenating trip for all and sundry. Being abundant with a plethora of waterfalls and pious shrines located in and around the Garhwa city, it is worth a visit for everyone.

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