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Utility Services in Garhwa

Garhwa is situated in the Garhwa district which belongs to the Indian state of Jharkhand. The city of Garhwa is also the Dist. Headquarters. The city lies on the border of Palamu and can be reached easily via roadways and railways. Daily bus services connects Garhwa to many other parts of Jharkhand, Bihar and Chattisgarh. Earlier the road conditions of this area were quite poor, which have improved after the Jharkhand State was formed. Government has also taken efforts to furnish the residents with proper amenities and services. The article highlights some of the most important services offered to the inhabitants of Garhwa. Local administration has taken care about the availability of basic utility services in the region. One can find presence of hospitals, couriers, petrol pumps and many other in this part of Jharkhand.

Services in Garhwa
Utility Services

Courier Services in Garhwa

There are a number of private companies that offer excellent courier services to the locals. Blazeflash, Maruti Couriers and Madhur Couriers are among the most reliable courier companies of Garhwa. Listed below are the contact details of some notable courier agencies in Garhwa:

Naitingal Courier Service

Address: Bus Stand, At - Garhwa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9204444059

Blazeflash Couriers
Address: Main Rd, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9546176933 and +(91)-9204733288

Maruti Air Couriers & Cargo Pvt Ltd
Address: Nishan Couriers Garhwa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9431363702

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Garhwa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-6561-2213372 and +(91)-9431775447

Police Stations in Garhwa

The department of police in Garhwa has a dedicated team of officers who can tackle all kinds of challenges and ensure the safety of the inhabitants. There are 5 police stations in the city of Garhwa. Below is a list of police stations in Garhwa along with their contact details:

Police Station, Garhwa
Address: NH 75, Garhwa, Jharkhand 822114
Phone:06561 223 533

Control Room : 100
Fire Station : 101
Superintendent of Police : 06561-222314 Fax:06561-222229 (or) 222500
Deputy Superintendent Of Police (HQ) : 06561-223533
Sub Divisional Police Officer,Garhwa : 06561-223520
Sub Divisional Police Officer,NagarUntari: 06564-222781

Bhawnathpur Circle Police Station
Address: Bhawnathpur Circle Police Stn, Bhawnathpur, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-6561-233443 and +(91)-9431788468

Hariharpur Out Post Police Station
Address: Hariharpur Out Post Police Stn, Hariharpur, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone numbers: +(91)-6561-275201 and +(91)-9431147169

Garhwa Circle Police Station

Address: Garhwa Circle Police Stn, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone numbers: +(91)-6561-222313/ 223521 and +(91)-9431147173

Bhawnathpur Police Station
Address: Bhawnathpur, Garhwa, Garhwa Dist, Pin- 822114
Phone numbers: +(91)-6561-233470 and +(91)-9431075232

Chinia Out Post Police Station
Address: Chinia Out Post Police Station, Chinia, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone numbers: +(91)-6561-273231 and +(91)-9955156473

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Healthcare in Garhwa

The city of Garhwa offers the residents with excellent services in the arena of healthcare. There are a few yet very renowned hospitals and nursing homes in the city which have been serving the residents for quite a long time. With the help of skilled doctors, nurses and trained employees these hospitals and nursing homes have become successful in bestowing the patients with state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and treatment. Following are some noteworthy hospitals and nursing homes in Garhwa:

Sai Sushila Sishu Hospital (Also offers Ambulance Services)
Address: Kachari Rd, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9097421232

Government Hospital

Address: Garhwa, Garhwa - 822114

Vananchal Dental Hospital
Address: Farathiya, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone numbers: +(91)-6561-290447/ 290448 and +(91)-9431136645
Website Address:

Saumya Children Hospital
Address: Main Rd, At - Garhwa, Garhwa, Dist. Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9234985375

Nursing home in Garhwa
Jaisawal Nursing Home
Address: Kachari Rd, Garhwa City, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-7677382635

Petrol Pumps in Garhwa

Petrol pumps are a necessity in city like Garhwa as they are needed to recharge any kind of vehicle with the required amount of fuel. Both local vehicle riders and tourists traveling by car need to refuel their vehicles every once in a while. Sometimes on the way there comes an immediate need to refill a running vehicle especially when there is a long way to go and you are running short of fuel.; The following are some well-known petrol pumps in Garhwa.

M/S H K Petrolium

Address: Peepara Kalan, Garhwa City, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9234887060

M/S Anand Petrolium
Address: Majhiaon Mkt, Block Rd, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-8102561532

M/S Tiwari Fuel Center
Address: Jhura, Garhwa City, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9709217017

Ram Dulari Petroleum
Address: Nr Sonpurwa Indian Oil Garhwa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114

Godermana Fuel Centre
Address: Godermana Vill., Chutia Thana, Ranka Garhwa, Garhwa, Pin- 822114

Chandravanshi Fuels
Address: Majhiaon, Garhwa, Pin- 822114
Phone: +(91)-9431390833

Thus, with the support of the district as well as the state administration, Garhwa boasts to have the most essential and appropriate utility services for its citizens.

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